Algeria’s Independence Day is observed and celebrated annually on the 5 July of every year. It is a National Holiday in Algeria which commemorates Algeria’s independence from France on the 5th of July 1962. Each Independence Day comes with a mixed feeling of freedom. We celebrate with all Algerians with This Independence Day Quotes And Messages For Algeria.

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Independence Day Quotes And Messages For Algeria

  • May our heart on this day and always honour the struggles of our fallen heroes who stood for the truth to give us an independence Algeria. May their fight for our independence never be in vain. Our hearts are deep in celebration of this special day for us.
  • Today is a special day for us. We should make a promise within ourselves to make our country a better one that our children shall come to inherit.
  • May we always have a happy independence day celebration. May our country live long to become a better place for all our citizens. Long live Algeria and many happy Independence Day celebrations.
  • Happy independence day to all Algerians. May this day of our happy independence celebration bring to our country positive change that would continually make progress a part of our national unity.
  • 5th July is the day of Independence for our dear country. This day not only holds an important place in our country history but on the same day holds important features in our heart. It is a day so dear to us, our day of liberation from colonialism.

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Best Independence Day Wishes For Algerian 

  • Today is Algeria Independence Day, we pray for all Algerians to always stand in love and unity to defend their country. In celebrating the happy birthday of Algeria, here are some short Independence Day best wishes for all Algerians citizen both in and outside the country.
  • I pray we become better citizens of our dear country. I pray that fighting shall no more be our portion. In love and unity, we shall be our brother’s keeper. Standing together in love and defending our country in oneness. Happy independence to all today and always!
  • In love and unity, may the Almighty shower His undeniable blessing upon Algeria on this Independence Day. May we always have cause to celebrate.
  • As we celebrate the independence of our country, it calls for reflection. May we take it to heart that it is our responsibility to make our country great in every moment of challenges that we shall encounter.
  • With love, we wish our dear country many more years of existence. We wish our children and our fallen heroes who fought for our independence a happy and prosperous nation where peace and unity shall always be a part of our nation-building.
  • Happy independence day to all. As we celebrate the rebirth of our country. May we live in love and unity to make our country great again.


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