The essence of love is to make one feel good. When you love without feeling the right impact that has to go with it; such leads to depression. Love should be cherished and thought of. When you harbor the right kind of love without letting anything steal your innermost joy, you would find yourself radiating the smile that only selfless and unconditional love could bring. If you should be guided in love, then let this Inspirational Relationship Tips About Love be a guiding light in helping you win the right kind of love that would make a meaning to your very existence.

Inspirational Relationship Tips

Wake Up With Love

Love is everything to our existence. It is what would ever define the person that is us. When we say we love, that evidence that defines true love should be found in us. It is not for us to just say it but it is for others to express it as seen through us. We cannot fake love no matter how pretentious we might seem to put forward. Our action in no time will show if actually what we portrait is true love or not.

Love harbors no hatred. It is what gives meaning to life. And we can flow with it if we give our hearts to it without trying to fake it. Love should be shared with those we have affection for. It shouldn’t be used as a weapon to get things done our way. When you give in to this kind of thought, then know for sure that what you harbored inside your heart is not true love but that which is selfish and is only valued because you want to get that which you desired.

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Our love should be express at all time. It should be a part of our lifestyle. We should not only show love to those we have affection for but unto a total stranger because you never may know when you will be entertained to an Angel. We should let love rule our heart. When we sincerely love others, we would love ourselves. It is when we love ourselves that the same will, in turn, be extended to others. In other to start expressing love, learn to smile to yourself. Again I say, smile to yourself if that is all you can do any time you wake up. The love we should know begins with a smile and when you first express that smile to yourself, you will have the heart to express the same to others. Again, learn to say sweet things to yourself just to boost your day anytime you see a new day and also the brightness of the morning sun.

“Waking up with bitterness is one way to kill your spirit for that day.”

Actually, life is beautiful anytime we see the dawn of a new day. No matter the situation at hand, thank God for His little mercies. Remember, that many are gone. If there is anything they could have done to see another day, they would have done such. But since the gift of life is not in the hands of man, then we should be grateful with love to God, the giver of life. And for you to be alive to see a new day, then there is hope for your life.

In as much as you are alive, there is no need killing yourself about with unnecessary bitterness.  Complaining and bitterness will never bring about any change in your circumstances but rather will add more. When you grow bitterness in your heart rather than love, you become a victim of your own making. Sincerely, what will make you a hero is to brave up every morning and face every day with undulated love in your heart. It is waking up with love that will propel inside of you the unconditional love that you need to face every challenge of life and defeat them squarely. You need love to be your best at all time and when you give in to genuine love in your heart, you become victorious in every aspect of life that you encountered. Wake up with love that is all you need to make your life worth living.


Learn To Say No With Love

The love I would always say is a beautiful thing. And this beauty of it depends on how you treat and made it be. When you treat love with value and understanding, then you will always have the worth of it. But where you treat and made it looked like that which has no value; then you will always have that which will not profit your well-being.

Love was meant to be shared in a mutual and in an understanding way. It was never meant to be selfish but rather that which will bring us to that emotional connection which should be blissful, enduring and that which will forever gladden the heart. In the thoughts of making it gladden our hearts, this we should note that it is not at all times that we would find the pleasure of it that will always gladden our hearts. In love, we would have times that we would encounter challenges but in such a situation, it is not for us to give up on love. But rather to prove the value that is embedded in love. And this value proves itself when we allow ourselves to still love in spite of that which surrounds us.

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I know we would at the most time but hurt in love. And this arises when we seem not to share the same ideologies on a certain aspect of life. In as much as this might arise, we should also know that there is no perfect love. For it is in our imperfection that we can make things perfect in love. In love, the feelings of your significant other should be that which should become paramount in your mind. In as much as this should be done, try within your possible best how not to hurt the feeling of the one you love. And this involves that you learn how to say no to certain with love.

“When you learn to say NO with love, you don’t only prove that you are worthy of love but you also showed that you are matured and capable of love in return.”

Though they say for peace to reign in the home and in a relationship, you have to do the bidding of your spouse’s. Sometimes, I say it is not always good to do their bidding considering the situation at hand at that moment. You need time to reason out before doing any bidding. Do not be under any pressure to do the bidding of the one you love. But when putting out that straight face to say NO, do it with love. It is the attitude that you put up when saying NO that will make the other person seems to understand you. When you say the No, do not make it look as if you are forcing it on the other person. Always take time to make an explanation. Explain to your significant other the reason behind your action. To do this, I say do it with love. Sometimes, it may be hard to understand at first but if you must live with a peace of mind, it is not everything you should say YES to. Love can be blind but you need the light of reasoning to see it through. Listen and learn. Do not act foolishly and have yourself to blame and regret later.

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Love actually should be shared with a peace of mind and not through intimidation. When a relationship is built on intimation, then there is nothing valuable that would be achieved through such a relationship. In building your relationship, upward, let yourself be understood from the onset. When that understanding is there without any pretentious nature attached to it, that mutual understanding at all times would be there. And when you learn to communicate more at all times, there will always be a smooth way of getting things done without hurting the feelings of the other person. When you have to say No on certain things, it shouldn’t come with augmenting but with a well thought out solution towards the challenges at hand. Always if the relationship is to move forward, you will always disagree to agree but in making that possible for you to have a healthy relationship, you actually must learn to say No with love.


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