If there is something that is so sweet to the heart; such is a message of sincere true love wishes. Love is a good thing for the heart. It is the tonic that reactive the desire that makes life worth living. This Love Text Messages for Fiancé and Fiancée are short but priceless for couples. If you care about the one you love, then do such well to share these collections of lovely poetic words of romantic messages for the one you love.

Love Text Messages For Fiance

Your worth and value are irreplaceable. Your care and kindheartedness are priceless. Your love and smile are irresistible. You’re a diamond that never fades.

Your love is like the river that never dries. Every moment of the day, its loving-kindness has quenched my thirst. Now I live to drink from the cup of her love.

Every second, every minute, every hour, your love showered and blessed me like the drop of rainfall. Now I am a blessed soul because I found your love.

Whenever I see your smile, I have this special feeling of your love that has given me the energy to love you continually.

I shall sing to the sky of your love. I shall announce to the earth your cares. I shall tell my generation that upon my lifetime, I found a love that has given me all – that love is you.

Love Text Messages For Fiance And Fiancee
Love Text Messages For Fiance And Fiancee

Love Text Messages For Fiancee

Your fiancée indeed deserves your act of blissful love that builds your relationship for real. If you really care about the one you love, such truly deserves a touch of your love and if it matters to you, do well to send the one you love these emotional sweet messages to rekindle your love.My emotion is control by every beat of your love. All I need is to hear your voice and my world will be complete day in, day out.

Our bond is strengthened by the aura of your love. You give same and I do same and our life has become a treasure house for us to live in.

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It is you and only you that makes me feel alive and if you leave me without your love, then I will live the rest of my days wishing I never found love in you.

Even your absence has given me the aura to want you more and more. If I feel your absence all I do is think of you and am comforted to be there for you.


If love is a feeling, then I have felt the love in you. Your love gives me the feeling that makes me lives for you. Now, all I live for is that ever-presence of yours that makes my heart shiver.


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