The 1st October of every year marks Nigeria independence as a free nation. It is a day to remember those who fought for and gave up their lives for the freedom of Nigeria from British rule. Indeed Nigeria’s freedom struggle was a hard-fought one and Independence Day is the day to pledge and to protect the unity and integrity of our country. We bring you this short Nigeria Independence Day Messages And Best Wishes as an honour to celebrate our fathers land.

Nigeria Independence Day Messages

  1. They came, they saw; they conquer. This is the story of our grate nationalist; they fought for our right and today we are free to have a nation we call our own. Happy Independence Day to you my dear country!
  2. Faith has seen us through the struggle. We are victorious together as a nation. And a song of celebration we shall always sing.
  3. May our green white green colour always fly higher. May we always stand strong as a nation and forever, we shall always win. Happy Independence Nigeria of our dream!
  4. I am so proud to be a Nigerian. This is the country of my birth; a glorious nation to call our own. With love from my dear country, I am sending my patriotic wishes to make our Independence Day celebration a glorious one.
  5. We stand tall and with respect to those who fought for our collective freedom. Nigeria is free and we shall always be free. Happy freedom, we shall always stand to defend our rights.

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Nigeria Independence Day Messages
Nigeria Independence Day Messages And Best Wishes

Nigeria Independence Day Best Wishes 

  1. Nigeria Independence Day is a national holiday and all Nigerians celebrate the day by hoisting the Nigerian flag. Many also fly kites and sing patriotic songs. On the eve of Independence Day, the President addresses the nation in a televised speech. For the love of Nigeria, here are some Independence Day Best Wishes to share in the joy of our celebration.
  2. To the martyrs who laid down their life for our Independence; your sacrifice shall never be in vain. We salute your sacrifices and courage; you will always be in our heart. We celebrate you today and always the hero of our Independence Day struggle.
  3. Freedom has come; we shall forever celebrate. The money will never buy us freedom; our rights to freedom gotten through the collective struggle of our founding father. We salute their brave hearts. We shall always honour them. Happy Independence celebration!
  4. More than a thousand laid down their precious lives so that our dear country can celebrate our freedom. In my heart, the sacrifices of our fallen heroes shall never be forgotten. Wishing our great country a Happy Nigeria Independence Day.
  5. We are a free nation living for the purpose of fulfilling our dreams. It feels good to be free and to live a life that comes with freedom. Nigeria is a free nation and indeed we shall forever be free.
  6. As we celebrate our Independence Day, I wish my dear nation the very best in all her endeavour. Though we are not where we want to be but at least we are heading to where we should be. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria, long live our dear nation.


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