The Moment you look around and things are not going the way it should; it sincerely calls for questioning. Bad leadership is something that is affecting the world we are living in today. If we as a citizen can’t speak against bad leadership; we would always be victims from the outcome of such leadership. These collections of Political Poems About Violent And Corruption speak against corruption and violence in our society  — “Bazaar”, “Day Light Commandos”, “Green As A Yellow Page”, “Unsung Heroes Of The Creek”, “Rivers Of Blood”, “Strike”.

Best Political Poems About Violent And Corruption


©Nsikak Andrew, 3rd March 2008 & 21st April 2008 on Political Poems About Violent

Bad leadership is becoming a norm among our political landscape. Politicians want to loot the collective right of all citizens for their selfish motive. This sad nature poem is a call for those in a leadership position to know that they wouldn’t be there forever. They should create impact rather than trying to destroy the very ladder that took them to the top.

Free for all fight
Only the privileged few partake
In this wanton sharing of our collective asset
They have perfected an act
To milk us dry even if we are dying.

Free for all fight
Decent men have adopted the thuggery way
Our national cake they must share within the few
The masses let them go to hell
This cake is our right to life.

I looked and I wept
When I saw decent men fought for nothing
They were elected to serve
But the greed of the loots
They seek to enjoy alone.

How do we survive?
When all their thought is to share all
Like Bazaar our nation they seek to auction
With no hope of restoring our lost glory.

Here we are in a nation of plenty
Held bond by the selfishness of a few cabals
Whose strength in their preoccupation is to loot all
Which their seven generations wouldn’t be able to fiddle away.


DayLight Commandos

©Nsikak Andrew, 10th September, 2007& 15th April 2008

If you have ever come in contact with the fine boys, you would understand that in between those moments, you are between Heaven and earth. It was in a flash and it happened; nowhere is the thought of that encounter.

DayLight Commandos

Smooth ride within a second
Corrupted by pot-holes
Those are the testimonies of their zero-minds
For her to be good, billions are allocated
But to the pockets of the Fixers, it has disappeared.

Here we are stuck in between the commandoes
Who has capitalized on the zero-mindedness of our Fixers
Now the innocent citizenry would bear their default.

They have struck, they have strike
In broad daylight they have strike
Men of the dark night
Now found courage in daylight.

We are in trouble
For the minutes they lasted
Our faith hangs in the air
Will we live to tell our story?
Or would we be escorted beyond
By the butt of their weapon
In silent, our hearts prayed.


Green As A Yellow Page

©Nsikak Andrew, 26th September 2007

When things are not going the way it should be, that calls for questioning. Bad leadership wouldn’t stop if we fail not to question how we are governed. It shouldn’t be a promising thing anymore but action should be in place for all to have a feel of true leadership. Green as a yellow page should be one straight color for all to see and no mixing of words that comes with deceit.

Green As A Yellow Page
Promises mounted like Mount Everest
Promises faded like mountain dews
Promises that can’t withstand the test of time.

In the name of the Holy Books they swore
Without a pending consciences
Of that, that most come.

Our collective sweat they promised
To uphold and protect with integrity
But see what they have done…


Unsung Heroes Of The Creek

©Nsikak Andrew, 14th October 2006 & 26th June 2007

When you have to fight for what is your birthright, it pains to live with that reality. There is nothing much to say then feel this sadness that is a mixture of pain in the land of plenty.

Unsung Heroes Of The Creek
They came unannounced
But with a sworn mission
Never to negotiate their rights
But to demand that which is theirs.

They called them jokers
Labeled them a bunch of criminals
Yet never were they dented
But injustice they seek to unfold.

Their strength
The lord’s of Aso Rock underestimate
The business they thought as usual
But how wrong, just how wrong they were.

Years in the hands of scavengers
The land they raped with rudeness abandon
Dividing the loots among their cronies
Without any hope of covering their nakedness.

Though her land oils the wheel that feeds our nation
Yet mass poverty ravaged her like desert encroachment
For none that came seeking to reverse their suffering
But only to add more salts to their wounded injuries.

Blood of their leaders were wines to the goggle general
Even as their virgin land are meats to the multinationals
Their kinsmen are joint-collaborators in these naked bastardizations
Man’s inhuman to man; the world seems not to border.

In silent tears, their cries roam beyond the creek
But none would hear them nor look their direction
How they had been pushed to the wall
Now a child’s play has become a nightmare to all.

A land of peace had become a land of kidnappers
A genuine course has been stolen in broad daylight
White-life in exchange for Petro-naira oil loots
While innocent black life’s are blood sprinkle in the streets.

Who will belt the cat out of the bag?
For out of the creek unsung heroes have arose
Pain-pay-cheques they send to white expatriate
Now innocent masses are victims of their butt of authority

Fearless battlers for self-control
I share your cries; I felt your silent pains,
For no man cheated of his inheritance
Would fold his hands and see death ravaged him.

But for how long shall you unleash this new found love
Look beyond the gun and see what you have done to yourself
For in fighting a just course, your hands you have destroyed your sweat
No home you will ever have if you destroy that which is yours.

Rivers Of Blood

©Nsikak Andrew, 3rd July 2007 on Political Poems About corruption.

Militancy is a very big issue here in the Niger Delta. And when brothers took up arms again injustice and in extension their fellow brothers, it makes the heart weep. How can we live in wealth but yet in fear? A sad story to tell but in all, it has to be told in this yet another sad nature poem.

Rivers Of Blood
Seasons of woes
Painted in drains of blood
Rivers of hope
Harbor of black-gold
How your land
Outflows with innocent blood.

A day out is unsure of…
For your areas habour street cultist
Who makes life unsafe for inhabitants
Now militants are more deathly than the military
For the sake of cheap money
Many you have escorted to their early grave.

Where is the garden in your city?
All I heard are blood flow that zipped in violence
Your citizenry places theirs…
Your ladies are prompt to…
Your young men have learned a trade…
Matching ground is a way
Threat of death is allowed…

Rivers! When shall you have a rethink?
For your eyes are blindfolded to reality
That anyone who wars with himself
Shall never attract much progress to her soil
Think and think again.



©Nsikak Andrew, 3rd July 2007 on Political Poems About Violent

When strike becomes too often, it loses its meaning. And when such is within the school environment, just imagine what the future would hold for the student. Say no to strike, it never moves the nation forward.  And in trying to end the strike, this nature poem is all about us coming together to say no to strike for the sake of our children’s future.
Strike oh! Strike every day,
Strike oh! Strike every time
Strike oh! Strike every way
Strike o! Strike…

Strike in our school system
Strike in our body polity
Strike in our homes
Strike, strike, strike everywhere.

We have a strike that we lose the value
Our schools now produce haft bakes
Our nation now loses in trillions
Hunger has perfected her mission
Now, looters have found their home.

Strike, strike, strike
When shall we be tired?



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