Every relationship should be that which gives us a piece of mind. These Relationship Counseling About Love comes with it the right messages that would make your relationship waxing from strength to strength.

Me, My Heart And You

Love is a beautiful thing the saying goes. And life sincerely is blissful when you found the right person that would share your dream and aspiration. Sincerely, every relationship should be the one that gives you a peace of mind and where you missed it, then life might seem not to worth a living. If actually, you missed on other things, then you shouldn’t miss this one. Make your heart the living water where love flows and when this is done, you will always have the right kind of people who will always be there to share with you in all the ways.

Love should be shared with mutual understanding. For it is in this that you will always have a rewarding experience that would ever be undeniable. Loving someone regards that you give your best to make that love worth its respect. When you learn to love unconditionally, then you will at all-time win the love of that special person in your life. Sincerely, the one you love deserves your attention than any other person. When you share intimacy, it should be that which should be a lasting memorial in the mind of the one you love.

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Let us not fake it; the right uses of words are what build a relationship. And when you have that finesse in the art of rightfully communicating your heart’s desire, then for such you will always have the right response that makes love an awesome experience. If you have found love; the one to which you have found deserves your love. And when you learn to communicate your thoughts the right way, you will at all time build your relationship with the foundation both of you will ever live to cherish. In love, your spouse deserves your praise. A little praise day-in-day-out is all it takes to always have your way. And talking about praise; here are some lines I inked for my dear wife which I want to share in verses. Here we go!

I bring to you the heart that love radiates,
To you have I given without hesitation,
Take control of that which is my all,
For in the meekness of your tendered love,
Have I chosen to make the center of my world?

With faith and the fear of the Lord, that is what I used to build my relationship. I know I am not perfect to be right at all time but be it as it may, I found strength in His grace to keep on keeping on. Appreciate your spouse with kind words and see how your relationship will go from strength to strength. My wife is my hero, in the meekness of her tendered love, have I chosen to make the center of my world. Still dreaming of love and I just want to wake up every day feeling love at all time. Here we go again with the other verse for my one and only.

Sometimes, I feel the silent warm of tears,
The same that weakened my heart to love you,
This tear in my eye is nothing but the tears of joy,
The same that gladdened my heart every moment,
To keep on loving you just the way you are.

Do you feel tears when you love? I mean the innermost joy that weakened your heart with words that lacks explanation. That is the power of love and it is the feeling you should have for that special person in your life. When you develop this kind of love, the fear of distrust is banished. Give back love to the one who shows you love. Even your enemy deserved some love. Take time to always appreciate the day you met the one you love. When you live to appreciate every unique moment, it shows that you are ever caring. What is love without caring? See the other verse.

I blessed the day to which I found you,
I adore the day to which you accepted to be mine,
The very day to which we walked down the aisle,
The vow we made it is to be the echo bliss of eternity,
The thought of that day, makes me feel immortality.

Wow, you may say. That is what makes it feel good. A candlelight dinner for just two of you is wise. This keeps the fire burning while love makes it happen. Immortalize what you love; there is no harm in it. Hope to close on this for now. But I wouldn’t do that without this last verse for my dear wife. It makes me feel good. It shows that it takes two to tango.

Me, you have made the best I could be,
My heart, you have nurtured with the gift of love,
And you, it is my promise to be there for you,
To make our dream a blossom house of treasure,
As long as I found the breath of the morning air. 

Whatever you want to achieve, pray that you find the right soulmate that will share your dreams, visions and walk with you when others fail to believe in you. When you get there, hold back and do not discard the vessel that stood by you in all the rainy weathers. It is time to shower her with love, the best money can’t buy. If you are with me, then you should know what I mean.

Good Morning With A Smile

Family is life. Even if you do not share this thought with me if you have a family that you sincerely love, then you will understand why I said this. The joy you deserved in life is drawn from the bond you built and shared with your family. If I may ask, who knows the one million dollar feelings that give you the heartfelt joy that the words of mouth can’t describe? If you have a family you love and happened to wake up every morning with them by your bedside, then you will understand this joy of parenthood.

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Waking up with your family by your side gives you the true feeling that you have what to call your own. This joy when expressed deeply is what adds value to your life. In every morning that you see the dawn of a new day, you need to give thanks to God that you have life and your family is right beside you. Your family is all you have that no value of any friend can take away from you. Good morning with a smile will do to your body much good when expressed with a sincere heart to your family.

“Every morning should be a smiling morning. That is how to boost your day ahead.” 

When your family gives you the reason to smile from the depth of your heart, forget it, you can face every day with all that it has to offer. It was their smile that gave birth to these thoughtful words.

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I said good morning my love and she smiles,
I said good morning my son and he smiles too,
I said a big good morning to both of them,
And their smile keeps coming like showers of blessing.

Try the feeling and say a big good morning to the one you love, then see your day blossom like the awakening of the rose flower. Even when there is an argument the previous night, waking up to see another day should put a smile in your heart to say good morning. It takes nothing to say good morning. Saying it gives joy to the heart. And you know when the heart is happy, good health is sure.

Make it a habit to say good morning to people that you come across. You never can tell what that could do to you and the life of the person to which you greeted. Saying good morning to my wife and son, I felt in me these thoughtful words which I penned down.

Their smile my joy, and their love, my peace of mind,
When I see their smile, I have hope for a brighter day,
What more can I say, I found their smile and found life,
And the reasons to say Lord thank you for all you have done.

A good morning smile is all it takes to have a pleasant days of rewarding experience.


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