Life would sometime happen to anyone of us. In those moments that we lost our dear one, it sometimes becomes so difficult for us to come to term with it. This Tribute And Condolence Messages For Mother are one way to express our heartfelt grieve to the special people in our life the moment they are no more.

Tribute And Condolence Messages For Mother    

For the love of a dear mother; here are some tribute and condolence messages that touch the heart.

Tribute To My Loving And Caring Mother

  1. Mama, I am writing this tribute with sorrow and pain in my heart. I would never forget the day when death separated you from us.  My dear mother, words would never be enough to express the way I still feel about your departure from this world.
  2. Mama, you meant so much to me and my other siblings. In spite of our flaws, you still love us without reservation. Your love for all your children was never partial but equal. You were indeed the best mother anyone would ever desire to have.
  3. Though we lost our father in his early stage of life, that didn’t stop you from becoming the father we never had. You were all there for us and never complained about what you were going through. You so much depended on God and in it, we see God’s favour in your life.  Your humility, you love and that caring love of a mother coupled with your faith in God are some of the attributes we shall never forget.
  4. Thank you, Mama, for showing us the way to follow our Creator; indeed you are a mother in a million. You will forever remain in our heart until we meet in eternity.
  5. Adieu, my awesome mother. May you forever rest in the bosom of the Lord.

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Tribute To My Mother

  1. My very adorable and awesome mother! My pride in hope! Indeed writing this tribute would forever become the hardest task I have faced in life. As days passed by, I thought it would forever be a nightmare but the more I procrastinated, the more realistic faces me. Saying goodbye to a loved one is the hardest thing to ever do moreover if that is someone you love so dearly.
  2. Even though I have no doubt in my mind that you are with the Saints above, I still find it difficult to think that you are really no more with us.  And saying goodbye to you is still a bad dream I wish to wake up from. Indeed the reality of your demise is still a nightmare I wish it never occurred at this time that you should enjoy the fruit of your labour.
  3. Though death is the inevitable end of all mortal I know we have no say in it when Our Creator summoned and all we do is to obey.  Now how do I begin to describe to you, my dear mother? Sincerely no words would express you deep extra-ordinary love for us your children and to others, you came in contact with. You are indeed a mother anyone would wish to have.
  4. Mother, you are irreplaceable, you are selfless and a great woman of faith. Your Christian values are the trademark that would ever propel us to excellence. When you come in contact with challenges of life, we see the calmness in your spirit. You were never discouraged in spite of the troubled waters. That beautiful smile on your face and that cheerful disposition of yours are one of the things that endear you to all.
  5. My mother! My good woman! A woman with a good heart! We celebrate your life. You always stood for truth and never for injustices. Mother, as you depart to be with your Creator, we rest assured that we will meet again.
  6. Farewell, my mother, goodbye our heroine, we love you but God loves you more.
Tribute And Condolence Messages For Mother
Tribute And Condolence Messages For Mother


Tribute To My Beloved Caring Mother

  1. The moment I saw your lifeless body, the words in Ecclesiastes [3:1] came to my mind. Indeed, to everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Mummy, I wished not to write this tribute but time is of essence that I have to do the same. It hurts, it pains but it has to be done.
  2. How do I begin to express my mind concerning your demise? How do I tell others that the mother who to us was our father is no more? Indeed it is so painful but we are consoled that you are there in Haven smiling back at us.
  3. Sincerely, I am not mourning but rather celebrating you. You live a life worthy of emulation. You were so loving, so caring and of all a daughter of Zion in the vineyard of God. You toiled for us to have plenty; you never looked back on us but rather wish to see that it is well with all of us your children.
  4. You were our prayer intercessor. You pray without ceasing. And the fruit of your prayer, we have seen in our life. Mama, I missed your genuine smiles.  Rest on mother, God loves you more.
    Adieu Mama


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